Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Field Trip Day '12 (Diligence)

So, the title gave away the reason for this blog entry. I wasn't really sure at first if I would join our field trip because I've still got to finish my clearance so I could go to Cebu tomorrow. Anyway, I was able to finish it just in time :D  
And because of this, I was so jolly for almost the rest of the day. Even the bus mirror said "CHAR!" because of my achievement. LOL. ( na-notice ko lang ung sticker then smiled to myself)
Everyone was so kulit inside the bus while singing, listening to music, and chit chatting.
First stop was the Dairy Farm.
As soon as we got to the shed, everyone wanted to try their products which are made from cow's milk. (Endorses much?) 
Here's the guy who didn't introduce himself who gave us the lecture about the dairy farm. (Nagpakilala ba siya or I just wasn't listening?)
Rozella, trying to milk the cow. She was the first one to try it.

Then here's Barts (Nats), also trying to milk the cow. Wasn't able to take photos of King and Marcus who also tried it.
Next stop: Crocodile farm. 
Here's the guy who gave the lecture who also didn't intoduce himself. ( Or di nanaman ako nakinig)

This is Valentino. You've probably heard of this crocodile from the news.

I even bought a hat in one of the souvenir shops.

Next stop was the Palawan Heritage Center but taking photos was forbidden and I didn't have the gut to snap a photo, sadly, wala talaga (awww...boo!:/). 
Then the next one was at the Sanitary landfill. Yes, it was too stinky to even afford to take a photo for the sake of blogging. 
Lastly (or so we thought), Commodore Mansion. Where everyone (almost) had fun swimming (count me out). 

Bojo doing an ala cover girl pose.

And because it was so hot, every one who swam got their skin kissed by the sun. See the difference! :D#
Wore two outfits today. This was the first one since. 
Since we were required to wear blue, and I have limited blue tops, I had to wear our mass demo shirt and pedals that I never wore (All the good ones are in my luggage since I'm leaving tomorrow).

The other one was a shirt from Particles and colored pants.

And since I liked what Isha wore after the swimming, I had had had to take a photo of her (did I or did Abbi do it for me?). 

Lastly (for real), we went to Bakers Hill to buy pasalubong. Since I was super tired and lazy already, no photos. Sorry.

Cebu bound tomorrow. I'll miss you Diligence.
xoxo <3

What do you think about my looks?

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