Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ribbon Tied

Since my thoughts about this outfit is completely in bits and pieces on the floor right now, let's just talk about how lazy busy I am that I never get to blog as much any more. So much of the hiatus, it surprises people whenever I get to blog. 
There's just two things that hinders me from blogging. Either 1- I don't have the luxury of time to pick out clothes blog worthy. I find myself preferring the shirt-jeans combo lately. and 2- whenever I pick out a nice enough outfit, I tend to be too lazy to take pictures or the photos come out too grainy. 
After an hour of long stares at this blog draft, I decided I'll share with you how resourceful poorly equipped I am.
This (or rather these) ribbons came from birthday give-aways two months ago. They're just too nice to throw away so I decided to keep them.
While watching back episodes of ANTM last Saturday, I came up with a way to use these ribbons.
But since each ribbon was too short to go around my neck, I had to use my COCC rope tying skills (I was paying attention and learned something. Woot woot!) to tie two ribbons neatly together.

While I was uploading thesephotos, I thought the post was gonna be blank. Daldal ko talaga. Heeeehee
Thrifted top, BNY pants, hoes Unlimited flats

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Hope you liked it! :)
Lira Princess

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Awkward in Pink

After weeks and weeks of zero blogging activity, I pretty much ended up being awkward in front of the camera yesterday. Yes, yesterday so congratulate me for blogging about something I wore the previous day. haha
It's been months since I last purchased a pink top. I'm not really sure if pink is my favourite colour but I've admired pink things since I was little. I'll let you figure out what my favourite colour is once I update my description.
I paired my striped pink blouse with a baby pink coloured pants to tone down the pink fever. I chose to get bottoms in the same colour scheme but in a very light shade to make the neon colour pop out more. Brown accessories to tone things down a bit.

Giordano top, Penshoppe pants, Grendha sandals, Ice watch 

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Hope you liked it! :)
Lira Princess

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sweet Surprise

A month back, I was invited to the first formal event of our batch. Andrea Adriano's Sweet Sixteen party (shout out to my childhood friend! :D ). 
I'm not a fan of parties and I don't think I'll ever be. But there's just something about surprises that hypes me so much. To those who aren't my batch mates, it's actually a secret we've kept for more than a month. No more further details from me. (For more, visit stylishzai.blogspot.com)
Pre final touches of make up. We are vain like that. 
A dress I helped conceptualize. I had this dress made at Gina's. There were two other dress designs I made but the seamstress just didn't get it right and she lost my sketches so I couldn't show you guys what I've made. Boohoo.
Doesn't this background look familiar? If you read Zaira's blog, you'll definitely recognize this place. 
Final make-up on 
Post party face because all my energy got used up at Centro.
Sorry for the constant change in background and photo quality. teehee

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Hope you like it! :)

Lira Princess

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