Monday, June 4, 2012

Explore the Underworld...

...Of your closet. That's what I did and found this nice denim vest that as far as I could remember, I only used once and I couldn't figure out how to wear it again. This vest was already buried and forgotten inside my closet. Then I saw a post on Tumblr, got some inspiration and voila! 
Denim vest: Moschino (Thrifted)

Inner blouse: No brand
I was supposed to show you the cute details of this vest but sadly, I took a blurry picture and I only noticed it when I was already in my pj's. 

So I decided to use this photo instead. Gem designs that give a girly touch + ripped design that gives it an edge= A balanced vest.
Skirt: Mama's DIY
Bag: Gucci

Stacked black bangles: NCCC Dept. Store
Owl bangle: BQ Dept. Store

Hope you like it! :)

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