Friday, June 8, 2012

I'm on the Edge

Is this edgy or what? Haha. I really don't know Something tells me it is, like my cuff and my pedal pants, and another tells me it's not, like my long sleeved shirt I rolled up with these cute eyelet designs. Grrr. Nevermind.
Long sleeved shirt: From Mama
And bag as well :D

Pedal pants: Thrifted

Shoes: MNJ

Cuff: Divisoria
Pandora bracelet: From Plinky

I'd just like to show you a closer look at the cute eyelets on my shirt. Girly isn't it?
Tube worn under: No brand

Because I wasn't spending much this week, I decided to buy myself a prize (and didn't really get to save much. HAHA). A detachable collar from Folded and Hung

I got these today from Momma Marga. Love love. A shawl and nail polish from H&M


  1. Hope you liked it! It was soooo hard to choose what to get you, because I wanted to get you everything I saw! HAHAHA <3


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