Saturday, June 30, 2012

In the Garden with Tigers

Today, Puerto Princesa City celebrates Pista Y Ang Cagueban. A tree planting activity held in some place far away from the city proper ( I've never joined and never bothered to pay attention to the details so I really don't know=D). To get there, people would ride trucks and cross a river so my papa didn't allow me to join. And surely, the huge number of people could have caused me to faint right there and then.
Because I wasn't able to join the Cagueban, let me just plant some flowers on my outfit today =). 

And because we have this activity called COCC at school and I'm not used to exercising, sitting down or standing up took a lot of effort and it would awfully hurt. Anyway, it would be worth it in the end. Seriously, this pose hurt. #justsharing.

I had to cut off the upper part of myface because my ears were a scene stealer.

Dress: Metro Gaisano 
Cardigan: From Isha
Shoes: MNJ shoes

The cute patter of my dress <3

I just wanted to show you the cute details of this dress. From the small ruffles to the buttons and even the teeny tiny pocket :D.

Ring: Souvenir shop
Bracelet: CandyMag

Pochi case! 
This Pochi case fits my outfit perfectly :) 
Pochi: Metro Gaisano

Hope you like it! :)

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