Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Product

Because today is Father's Day, my brother and I wore special (well, I designed it and there are no duplicates so I call it special) shirts! 

''Product of the BEST Papa''

I'm officially into rolled up pants. I really think it looks nice especially when you wear them with heels. I feel that it makes me look tall so, GOODIE! :))

 Shirt: Transfer It
Belt: Greenhills Shopping Center
Pants: No brand

I only have two pairs of high heeled shoes so forgive me for repeating it. It just looks good for this outfit. Plus, I'm more into flats because I find them comfortable and durable heels are too pricey. I still don't have a job so I wouldn't be really needing them a lot.

Shoes: MNJ

Round ring and charm bracelet: Abubot at Reagalo
Wing ring: from Cebu

Hope you liked it! :)

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