Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hair Decisions

Once again, I fire the same question to my readers.
Get permanent curls or not?

I hate making decisions like these especially things that involve parts of my body (I'm most concerned with the head). 

Look at how loooooong (okay, I'm exaggerating. Not so long. Just almost elbow length which is called long in fashion language) my hair has grown (heehee. I said it again)

So, I wanna get digitally permed hair. And to my estimation, my hair is long enough to get curls that won't make me look like a black haired version of Goldilocks.
But the problem is, though many have agreed to my plans, 30%  of the population still disagrees. I don't want to end up regretting the curls and end up getting them chopped of. They might not grow back and love me the same way again,

So, GO? or NO?

Come on guise. Help is needed. I'm currently a damsel in distress almost drowning in this sea of difficulty to cope up with the world. Why won't you just conspire to my dreams/hopes/plans, oh dear mother earth?

(Top: Adidas)


  1. Replies
    1. Yay! An answer :D Thanks Zai! I hope I won't regret it afterwards :(

  2. you'd still look stunning, kambal, even if you are a black-haired goldilocks. maybe i'll call you blackielocks. :))

    dejoke. GORAA! Kulot kung kulot! hahahaha keri naman yan siguro. and if the salon screws up, then we'll have to chop off their heads. :*:*:*

    1. Hahaha :)) Ok kambal. You ready na the weapons ha? :*:*:*


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