Sunday, May 13, 2012

Time is too fast

Today I woke up really late and moved too slow so I had less than 30 minutes to fix myself. No arte today. But if you call that arte, suit yourself. Well, I DID try to dress up for mother's day but after a few tries, I failed to impress myself  and papa was starting to hurry us so I just grabbed the first top I saw, looked for pants, a belt that would match, some accessories and I used the same pair of shoes I used yesterday.
I know you just thought to yourself ''What the hell did I just read'' so, enough of my senseless stories.
Extremes top
Belt: SM Dept. Store

Bunny jeans

DIY bracelets
Claire ribbon hair clip
I even did my hair in the car or else I was going to get left behind.

Hope you liked it! :D

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