Saturday, July 7, 2012

Accessories: Necklaces

The next batch of accessory posts. I really felt the urge to blog about something blog worthy tonight.
Oopsie. The icon came up earlier than expected :D

DIY necklaces

This necklace was worth almost 200 Pesos at Metro Gaisano

Another DIY! :))

Vintage necklaces from my auntie and the middle one is another DIY.

Vintage(left) from my auntie, peacock from Abot Kaya, and the middle one is another DIY. 

Necktie from SM Accessories, vintage necklaces from Divisoria.

''Fashion Guru'' from Genevieve Gozum (my favorite! :D) and boho necklace is another DIY.

I will make syre this post will be updated and followed when I find the rest of them. (Proof that I am never organized). Hope you enjoy.

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