Friday, July 27, 2012

I Missed One Primary Color

And I really did miss putting on a yellow dash on this outfit. I was planning on putting on my stunningly yellow belt but the thought that I'd already be overdoing things occurred and I just switched into a dull belt that matched my blouse. Anyway, my best friend noted that I was using a yellow handkerchief so it counts :D

I had to put an Orton effect on the photo above because my skin tone looked too dark in this photo that it obviously tells you that I've been circling the Sports Complex the whole morning selling cassava cakes. It was fun though.

I forgot to tell you that today is our schools first day of the two days of this year's sports festival. I repeat. SPORTS FESTIVAL. And you wear something like this?? Haha. This is me :)
Friends were like: '' Ano sport mo? Fashion Show? *laughs*''

Goofing around in the middle of the road.Not too many cars passed but it was actually kind of embarrassing. I could hear the drivers and their passengers thinking '' What's that weird girl doing?'' or ''Is she crazy or something?''. Haha :D

The picture taking was actually some fun. My friends took the photos and they were almost clueless of what I wanted to achieve in the photos. So, RANDOM SHOOTING! :)

Had a lunch date with some friends at Robinsons. 
When the lighting is nice and you've got some earphones, doesn't matter if the camera sucks. Take pictures! :)) 

Let's play ball, I mean, blog logo. HAHA! :) Hope everyone had a great time today! 

Top: Redgirl
Pants: August
Sandals: Grendha
Bag: Jansport
Belt: Genevieve Gozum

Hope you like it! :)

First photo by Bea Bacolod
The rest of the photos by Abigail Llavan

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