Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bag It

Have you heard of some places here in the Philippines where plastic bags aren't allowed and there's a huge fine whenever you're caught carrying one? Forgive me for forgetting those places but that campaign came to my mind when I pictured my skirt as a paper bag. I'd love it if that no plastic law would be implemented in lots of places.

And again, I had my picture taking at the mall. Pakahiya lang e. That's an effect of passionate blogging :)  And luckily, there weren't as much people as there usually were when we took photos. 

I had to crop off my brother. Sorry bro but you were trying to photo bomb this one. Could you guess which way the escalator is going? Up or down? (This is very easy but just in case. Clue: International etiquette, keep right)

Okay. This one was indeed embarrassing. Sales ladies and men are caught in this photo staring at us as if we were doing something wrong. Sorry for using your aisles for better pictures Rob.

Top: Thrifted
Skirt: Thrifted
Belt: SM accessories
Shoes: Jazz at RP
Bag: Chanel peg

Hope you like it! :)

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