Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hello Again HOPEANS!

I'll be giving you a better look at the items the Student Government is selling.

Bar Pins:  1pc.-30.00 pesos each 
                   2pcs.-25.00 pesos each

"A true HOPEAN is humble, obedient, persevering and excellent!
We live in Jesus' name."

Happy 30th Anniversary"

"Proud to be HOPEAN
Palawan Hope Christian School

"I know I can because I'm a HOPEAN"
(Proud to say that this design came from our section :D )

Lanyards: 1pc.- 100.00 pesos each
                  2pcs.- 80.00 pesos each

"I love Hope
Hope loves me 2
Hope @ 30"

"It's more fun Humbly Offering HIM Praise for Everything"
(This one came from our section too. Teehee :)) )

 T-shirts:  Small:150.00 pesos each
                      Medium: 150.00 pesos each 
                   Large: 180.00 pesos each

Go buy na Hopeans! :D

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