Friday, November 30, 2012

In the Middle

Had practice for the Hope Night the whole day. I wanted to feel comfortable and freely move around so I refused to wear skinny jeans. And I'm still on the shorts ban because of my skin asthma so that's automatically off the list. Boo you skin asthma.

On the brighter side off the world, I dug these pants underneath my closet and found out that another piece that makes me look tall exists in there. Could somebody please slap me for not caring about stuff that are placed under huge piles?

Wearing bell bottom or elephant pants is actually on top of my 'how to cheat your height' list. And I actually need a list stuck in my head because I'm just that short petite.

Double cheat today. I wore wedges and everyone just had to mention the height boost.
Though I'm actually getting tired of cheating my height through camera angles, wedges and pants. My fingers are crossed that milk would help a lot because I'm sleep deprived like that.

Took my shots in the middle of the road. Risky or what? There weren't too many cars passing by anyway. You couldn't even catch a glimpse on one in the photos.

Top: Crissa, Pants: BNY, Bag: Louis Vuitton, Wedges: Jazz, Belt: Boutique, Watch: Ice

Sorry for the bad bad bad quality of the photos. Mr. Sun has already decided to hide behind his trusty clouds.



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