Saturday, December 1, 2012

Pop of Neon

Because we were required by our group leader, Noy, to wear black for I-don't-know-why reasons (nobody else could answer me either), I wore this over sized shirt I got from our ACSI leadership seminar and black leggings under my shorts (because, you know, the ban?). But I just couldn't wear an all black ensemble throughout the day.

So I chose to wear these old shorts I DIYed with neon fabric paint (it glows in the dark ;D ), a neon pink belt and neon spiky bracelets to give the outfit some pop pop of color here and there.

And because it would be odd if the sun wasn't up at Baywalk on a day like this, I was equipped with these John Lennon-ish shades. 

If you haven't thought about it yet, I'mma tell you this. This outfit is way beyond my comfort zone. It's the first time I've stepped out of the house in a leggings-under-shorts piece and a dominantly black combination.

This photo makes me kilig. Teehee. The wind-blowing-my-hair effect is just perfff.

Photographer of the day: Plinky!

Yes, I have OCD tendencies but I don't care right now because I'm simply having so much fun!

Top: ACSI conference
Shorts: DIY
Leggings: Sassa
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Shoes: Lacoste
Shades: Giorgio Armani
Watch: Ice
Spiked bracelets: Local boutique 

Hope you liked it! :)



  1. Loveeee your shorts ❤❤❤ nice sana if you wore black tights instead of leggings underneath your shorts ;) haha but still, cute outfit! xx!

    1. Thanks for the suggestion mommy <3 I was thinking about it ee kaso I need them tomorrow :) Thanks! :D


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