Sunday, December 2, 2012

Color Schemes and Iced Coffee

Once again, a movie that is good enough for our family is on the current 'now showing' list, so back to the movie house for me and fashion that fits in there.

You know, it's not only the weather that's bi-polar on earth. There's also how you[r body] react[s] ;). I had to be equipped just in case my body decides to absorb all the cold air and freeze my body. Yep, I did notice my explanation is sort of wrong because my legs are exposed like that. But let me give you a fact about me: My legs rarely feel cold. That's why.

I'm on a violet madness today. There's no problem with wearing violet or any other color from top to bottom. Just make sure they're in different shades.

Maybe you're wondering why I had to insert coffee in this post. I'm just currently craving for it (*hint hint*) and I'm on day two. If this goes on, I really have to fight it. Height issues remember? 

Top: Dept. Store
Cardigan: Thrifted
Skirt: Mom's DIY
Shoes: MNJ
Mustache ring: NCCC

Hope you liked it! :)


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