Sunday, November 4, 2012

Owls in the West

I already have 100 posts in this blog and apparently, it only contains 10% of me  wearing pants. And they don't usually happen on a Sunday. If you haven't noticed, I'm now pointing it out :) So why did I wear pants today?

Almost every Sunday, my family goes to the mall to watch a movie and every Sunday, I tend to wear a skirt. So once I enter the movie house, I end up regretting it. It's either the movie watching isn't scheduled, I forgot to wear pants instead of a skirt, or I just badly want to wear a skirt.

Haven't you also noticed I haven't been wearing vintage necklaces lately? Now I wore one again! Yay! If only these accessories could rejoice, I think they would. 

Look! I totally owled out on this outfit. Owl necklace, owl bangle, owl ring, blahblahblah. No. Owls aren't my favorite nocturnal creatures. It just so happened that owl designs on accessories look cute.

BTW, I have a secret in this photo. Bwahaha. It's not really evil. I just wanted put an evil laugh. It's just really easy to spot if you're an avid reader(if I do have one) and a keen observer.
Wanna guess? ;)

Top from IT Park Bazaar, Cebu

Pants: Street Jeans

Leopard and tiger prints, you are loved! <3

Belt: (c) Mom
Necklace: (c) Ninang Lilian
Bangle: Bohol Quality Dept. Store
Rings: Genevieve Gozum
Shoes: MNJ

If you're not an FB friend or a Tumblr follower, you haven't seen this photo yet.
Imagine my joy and delight and excitement and it just feels asdfghjklgds when I found out that Camille Co (Philippine Top Blogger, Designer, Owner of Coexist) took a peek at my blog!
Because some famous people just have enough time for their fans.
I had a pretty (I’d like to think it is) long conversation with the one and only Camille Co too.
I had a few (well, umabot ata ng 5) questions about fashion designing and she gave me a really long reply that answered all my questions! How’s that for a busy person who still has tons of e-mails to read? She’s just too sweet!  

Hope you liked it! :)


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