Friday, November 2, 2012

The Aztec Goes to the Beach

Unfamiliar background? If you haven't been to Quezon, Palawan and stayed at DIP Pension and Restaurant, this place is surely unfamiliar. 

The title? As stated in my last post, I'll be showing you another one of my DIY shorts (as if I have tons of them. I only have two). This time, I painted an Aztec pattern inspired print on one side of the shorts. Why did the Aztec go to the beach? Well, the print on my blouse is a view of a sunset at the beach. A better view of the blouse here

Forgive me for having ugly hair in these photos. I was rushing to catch the sunlight for better photo quality.

Look closer and you'll see my papa reflected on my shades. For the first time, he was my ootd photographer. YAY! And he did a good job while he's at it.

Top from Folded & Hung

DIY shorts

SM Accessories belt

Grendha sandals

My version of Candy Corn nails :)
Caronia nail polish

Lookie! I can do a French braid on my hair without assistance! This is a pretty big achievement for me since I always admired people who could do it by themselves. 

Hope you liked it! :)


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