Sunday, December 9, 2012


First things first. If you've had enough of bad quality photos all over my blog, you could exit now and come back next time.
BUT, if you really wanna see what I got today, go ahead :)

I will explain why I'm dressed like this briefly. We had our Hope Night performance at Capitol.
 Now, onto my outfit. I've been eyeing in this dress since eternity at Folded and Hung and I really wanna buy it but it was too expensive and I don't really know where I'd wear it appropriately. Until 30% off sale came and this perfect opportunity went with it. And, tada! I finally got the dress for myself. Happiest moment of that day. 

It's very plain. No belts, laces, collars or such. BUT,

Surprise, surprise! It's semi-backless. And though this was semi-not allowed, my hair was there to the rescue and covered my back. Too bad I couldn't show the best detail. But, oh well, there's always next time and events.

If you could clearly make out something from my grainy photos, you could see that I wore my thick black belt's buckle at the back to give my thin gold belt's buckle the spotlight at the front. And, it wouldn't go overboard with buckles that way.

I opt for gold accents since it goes well with deep-ish blue and black. I also didn't go for an eye-catching necklace since I've got these dangling earrings to avoid the outfit being an overkill.

Dress: Folded and Hung
Belts: Greenhills Shopping Center
Shoes: DS Style
Watch: Fossil
Other accessories: random finds

Hope you liked it! :)


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