Saturday, December 15, 2012

Odd One is Still In

Before you jump into the conclusion that you just ran into the same post again, I've just edited this post. So, go see more.

Because the MR. Sun wanted to have his way today, I'm deeply sorry for the dark photos. I hope you can still find your way into understanding what I've got in these photos.

I've just lifted the ban on myself (teehee) and wore shorts and a comfortable top. To make things even, I used a gold belt and some silver accessories. It may sound odd to pair the two metallic colors, but hey! They don't look as odd as they sound.

And to make the outfit look "blogger", I wore a button down top as a cover up and paired a leopard printed bangle with a spiky bracelet.

As if my outfit wasn't scene stealing enough, I used green flats. The odd one I was talking about in the post title.

Blouse: local boutique
Cover-up: from mom
Shorts: Robinsons Dept. Store
Belt & bag: Greenhills Shopping Center
Flats: Privileged
Accessories: Random finds

Hope you liked it! :)

Lira Princess

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