Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sparkling Red Wine

Today's no different from any other usual Sunday our family has but if you madly want to use your plum coloured pants, there's always an excuse. Though I got nothing but say that I'm plainly on a dress up game.

I found the colour of my pants striking already so I paired it with a white top with a gold studded collar. Since the studs are already gold, I just made everything fall into place with gold accessories as well. And because I don't own a pair of gold shoes and a gold bag, brown and nude could be a substitute.

Check out my quiet arm party. Haha. It's not really much of a party since our main destination today was church. I prefer not to over-over-over (this is just over) accessorize when I go to church. 

The collar of this blouse just makes wonders. It's not so much of a necessity to wear a necklace when you've got a sparkling collar.
If you've noticed the twisted stud, please don't mind it.
And if you noticed my ears peaking in almost all the pictures, please don't mind them as well.

Robinsons Dept. Store top, BNY pants, ABkD bag, from Greenhills Shopping Center belt, Jazz wedges, Fossil watch, from random stores accessories 

Hope you liked it! :)

God is truly amazing. He's never failed to amaze me every day since I have come to know and accept Him as my saviour. And today is no exception. He has once again answered one of those prayers I have that I never miss to pray about every night besides abstract things like blessings and good health. 
God, thank you so much for everything.  

Lira Princess


  1. Totes love this outfit! ;") your best post so far ❤

    1. Heee :) Thanks mommy :D A 5 minutes to plan outfit! <3 Achievement :D


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