Saturday, December 29, 2012

Howdy Folks!

Hey there lad/ lassie. Feelin' a little bit off the countryside breeze here. Ain't it good pardner? 

Well anyway. Enough of that funky language. I really don't understand why but I really feel like I belong to some farm in the countryside today. Though my outfit is really sort of irrelevant to it, I simply feel like it.

When you're not sure when will be the next laundry day and you'll be leaving in a few days, you save the best pieces of your wardrobe and have to come up with a good set out of the remaining ones. So here's what I've come up for today.

Where am I really looking? Banlag? Haha

I know I've worn this top for the nth time but I just love it for it's easy peasy breeziness. 

Nothing blog worthy about my outfit but if you currently have a tight wardrobe, go with the simple combos. 
Anyone can pull of a nice top+ nice shorts outfit but to spice things up, put on accessories that go beyond the color scheme of these pieces. Like I said, I feel a bit country so that's how I themed my accessories. 

No more boring bottoms tip (though it's simple, most people don't do this often): Never leave your belt loop hanging. It's added style when you wrap your waist with a belt.
 I never let my belt-less belt loops show if ever. Haha. I'm crazy like that.

IT park bazaar top, thrifted shorts, Tommy Hilfiger belt, Grendha flats, Ice watch

Hope you liked it! :)

Lira Princess

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