Friday, December 28, 2012

Monochrome and Disorientation

I know I've worn this cover up and shorts in one combination in a different post before but I seriously felt the urge to be monochromatic today.

I don't usually wear everything in one colour scheme only. I always make it a point to add a pop of colour to the outfit. But there's nothing wrong with the monochrome style. Just put a variation to the colours you wear. Like mine, I used black white and different shades of grey.  

As if my outfit wasn't black and white enough, I insisted on putting a black and white effect on this one. (I thought it would lessen the ugliness of the blurry photo. But I'm guessing I'm wrong) 

Did my nail polish once again after asdfghjkl years. Lol I'm kidding. I think I last painted my nails on my own was during summer.

Cover up from NCCC Dept. Store, Top from somewhere on Earth, thrifted shorts, belt that came from a dress, Shoes Unlimited flats, Dunlop watch, Genevieve Gozum ring, Abubot at Regalo bracelets

Notice the seriousness in the photos? I just felt the urge to give a serious face that goes well with the monochrome theme. 
Like I said, I'm not used to outfits that ain't got jolts, even mini jolts, of colour  But today just feels different. The dim colour scheme was influenced by my disorientation this early morning. IDK why I'm telling you this so if you're already sleepy like a drunk man, I think you should stop reading.

But if you're bored as heck, you may read on. 
I'm easily disoriented when I wake up to an unfamiliar place and it happened once again this morning. The world totally stopped (yes, I didn't breathe as well) for 5 seconds when I got disoriented. That's what you get for sleeping the opposite way you normally sleep. But this doesn't really happen to everyone. I'm simply a paranoid like that. And this experience caused all the outfit fuss. Irrelevant right? Well, it makes sense to me.

Lira Princess


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