Thursday, December 27, 2012

Reaching Out

I had a fun filled day at a place most of you wouldn't think that it's a place where you can feel happiness.
I spent half of my day at the orphanage interacting with kids.
Because I knew we'd move a lot, I chose to wear a not so complicated blouse, pedal pants, and top-siders.

If I'm not mistaken, Su Lao Shi (a former Chinese teacher in our school) was the brainchild of this event. A bunch of teachers and friends were there to help her as well as Hopeans and PHCS alumni. Sadly, most students didn't make it so I left was with fellow CBGers (member of our school club Community Builders Guild) ate Con-con and kuya Hans and alumni kuya Mark and kuya Philip(if I caught his name right).

I look like I'm going to let out a big laugh. Teehee. Forgive me if you can't see the usual me in the photos. I'm just so freakin' exhausted when we took these photos. My eyes were already having a countdown before they fail on me during these moments and my feet were already about to fall of at any moment.

[Just because it's a haggard face, it's equivalent to a busy life. Sometimes, it's equivalent to a life of patronizing procrastination.]

Here are the kiddos and the teachers during the Bible study

Goodie bags! These were packed by some of the PHCS alumni and teachers (and idk who else because I wasn't around. Sorry) yesterday. We gave away more than 200 of these.

The kids, excited and happy, checking out what's inside the bag.
Imagine my amazement when I first peeked at the bags and when the kids were looking at the stuff. I found a notebook, pencil, face towel, scissors, water bottle, shampoo, soap, toothbrush, slippers, a few snacks, and more all in one bag! Talk about happy faces when they received the gifts.

Sari-sari top, bandeau from NCCC dept. store, thrifted bottoms, Keds boat shoes/ top-siders, ABkD bag

Hope you liked it! :)

Lira Princess

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