Monday, December 24, 2012

Deck The Halls

With happiness, bliss, glee, blessings, smiles, and lot's of other nice stuff. And,oh. Don't forget the food!

A family tradition of ours and a tradition of most families across the globe is to go to church first before all the fun starts. And that's what we did. We'll, my daily tradition is never forgotten, so, outfit shot's are still around. But less of it this time.

Like most of the kiddos out there, we wait for the clock to strike 12 before we started to unwrap gifts. Sort out. Sort out.

Okay. I lied. I didn't wait for the clock to strike 12. I opened some of the gifts as soon as they arrived. The suspense is killing me! Teehee.

But yes, these photos were taken at midnight so I sort of followed the midnight rule.

I received things of different varieties and though I could buy a book at any time of the year, this one was extra special.

Imagine my joy when I opened up this gift. It's not really a surprise since I picked this one and was there when mom bought it. But it really was the best one I got that night. If you can't comprehend the picture and understand why I'm overjoyed about it, here's the book title:
200 Projects To Get You into Fashion Design
Now you get it? =)

I;m so happy, I made one of these again! :D

Merry Christmas again folks!

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