Monday, December 24, 2012

Blog Feature and Some Sprinkles

This year has been great and my blog is becoming a slight success in the real world. Alongside this, my blog has had it's first feature! YAY!
I'm so happy that some people adore my work and one of them has decided to give me some recognition. Thank you heaps to you my childhood best friend Andrea A.

This feature not only gives you a hint on what's on my blog, it also has an interview! So if you're interested on what's going on my mind, check this one out and you'll surely get a dose on how my head runs. Teehee.

Just a few more hours of waiting to unwrap those  not-so-much surprise containing gifts under the tree.
To all my readers out there, may you all have a very merry Christmas. Thank you so much for continuously patronizing this happy place on the internet. It makes me happy to hear people mention how good my blog is or even tease me about it sometimes. It's okay to tease, just not harshly. And, it also let's me know that people really read what ever knick knack I put here.

 Clear all those bad vibes and gladly welcome all the blessings that come your way. 
Again, MERRY CHRISTMAS and have a BLESSED NEW YEAR ahead =)

Lira Princess

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