Friday, January 11, 2013

When in Tagaytay

...on a cold January day, you really have to be equipped with the right pieces of clothing.

To tell you the truth, this blazer is a last minute (well, not literally) buy. I didn't really plan on buying one since I'm an occasional kuripot and it just so happened it struck this date. It was extremely chilly in Tagaytay so if I didn't budge and never bought this, I'd be frozen in a matter of a few minutes.

Now down to my outfit. Yes, yes. I wore this dress and shoes for our Capitol Shoe for the Hope Night presentations. Well, this time, it's a twisted story.

Remember how I took the chance to wear my thick black belt backwards and put this gold belt over it? Well, that's gone now but the gold one stays. I took away the loud pieces from the previous set and replaced them with a more formal combination that will give you an instant pang of formality. I'm supposed to be wedding appropriate.

You read that right. Wedding. A wedding I might post about soon.

There's something about weddings that permit you to wear your more expensive dresses and actually dress-up. In a hundred outfits, I only wear a blazer once so this is actually a nice opportunity.

You'd think I'm cruel to wear a black blazer to a white veil occasion but I have the perfect excuse. Bride's mom's suggestion :) Though I'd prefer a yellow coloured blazer, it was way too expensive compared to this steal and I was kuripot like that.

Wait, tanananan tanan! My first blog appearance in curly/ extra wavy hair! :D Did you think they were temporary? well, no. Finally! Haha.

You think it's tacky to wear silver with gold? I don't really think so. If you do it right (and if you have thing silver ring you never remove but you prefer gold accessories on this outfit).

Dress fro Folded and Hung, Blazer from SM Classics, Necklace from a Palawan souvenir shop, MY Style shoes

Hope you liked it! :)

Well, if you're not bored yet with the ton of photos I put, I'm extra jittery and I decided to put a diary entry.
Today was our school's Bible Day, our alternative for Halloween. (We know, we know. We're behind schedule. Don't dare to ask why). I was assigned to facilitate the H2 Diligence along with 2 other Seniors. I was expecting a half day of awkwardness, but, surprise surprise! I actually only got a few seconds of it! Yay me for trying my best to interact with a whole section of a different year level today! (Okay. Too much !!! Enough of that). Yes, it's an achievement to me :)

Sorry for the blogging hiatus. My brain is just driving me crazy and believe it or not, I ran out of bubble soap for this bubbly personality.  

Lira Princess

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