Saturday, January 12, 2013

Don't Look Back


Because I'm one big heck of a DIY fan, don't be surprised at how fast I was able to make a cut-out-shirt-at-the-back I learned from Kryz Uy's latest post. Yep, that's right. LATEST (It's not really a messy DIY and the shirt has been washed and ironed :D). Teehee. I'm such a fan of both DIY and @Kryzzzie

As soon as I saw her latest post about DIYed tees, I immediately went gaga over them and decided to make my own ASAP. And as soon as possible it is!

I don't usually wear things that reveal my back since I really don't own a nice one but I really liked this DIY so I highly considered wearing it. I chose to wear something bright under the tee to make the cut's more eye catching. And of course, a bright yellow bandeau did a great peek-a-boo job.

I was actually in an almost all out DIY attire. My necklace and shorts are also hand crafted by moi. I thought the bright yellow bandeau looked great paired with something that had bright things saying "hello" to everyone I passed by.

DIY top, shorts, necklace; belt from a local boutique, wrap around bracelets from 999 Mall (Divi ;D 3 for 100!), Grendha sandals, Ice Watch

Hope you liked it! :)

Lira Princess 


  1. My ate Kat did two DIY cut out tops narin, of different styles. How cool they are! There are more videos on YouTube. You'll super enjoy them ❤ make it a business! Hahaha

    1. Nice!<3 I wish I could :D I've recieved lots of business ides already and I wanna try to do them all! Haha =)

    2. Make it an SG fund raising thing :)))

    3. Thanks for the nice suggestion mommy! :))


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