Sunday, February 24, 2013

I Got The Magic

Due to lack of creativity at the moment, I have no other better title to put up than a phrase from a song I and a few of my group mates for Chinese were LSS-ing on.

Don't I look so summer-y in the colours  I'm wearing? I'm not really that excited for summer though it's a 2 month break, the longest one of the year, since I'll still be a fully loaded person with all those activities that'll prep me up for the future especially college entrance exams. I seriously don't want to go Senior year and then graduate after 10 months then go to college and then bla bla bla cruel world outside these good old four corners.

Okay. I'm just exaggerating, though I was taught to do things and look at how it matters in the next 5 years, not for tomorrow.

How could you possibly wear all bright colours without blinding anyone? IDK. Stay away from people maybe. lol I'm kidding. Avoid wearing neon if you wanna be bright from head to toe since that would seriously look like it could blind eyes. go with brights in different colours and shades but still matches.

Top from a Korean shop, Pants from a local boutique, Tomato shoes

Hope you liked it! :)

Lira Princess

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