Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hide in Black and White

In a world full of the busiest people in the universe, and some of the gloomiest and most trouble ones as well, you're most likely to find yourself in a street full of people dressed in black, grey, white, ecru, charcoal, ivory and what other shades and names of colours you could associate with black and white since people tend to dress up according to their mood most of the time. 
If you ever find yourself hiding from someone, here's a tip: dress up in either black or white. But seriously. If you're up to no good, I don't think you'll ever come across this blog.
Like I said, this world that we live in today is full of people who need some cheer washing up their lives every once in a while. 
Let's say my top, blazer and shorts is the whole proportion of the people who are troubled and angry and confused. And then there's you who represents my shoes. Small, not so noticeable, but your go to person for a quick smile. 
Just like my shoes, you can be the one that brings the shine to the gloomy, and make smiles out of frowns. 
On the fashion side of the world, never be afraid to break the monochrome rule. Inject colour, add life. It brings out what might seem so unnoticeable but if you give it the right amount of a teaser, it will bring out the best of the whole outfit.

SM Classics blazer, no brand top, thrifted shorts, Human Genes shoes

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Hope you liked it! :)

Lira Princess

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