Sunday, May 12, 2013

Bombs Awaaayyy!

Better late than never! And the other photos of my summer escapade will be posted some other time. For now, I bring you this.

Recently, our family went to Danao Adventure Park wherethey had all sorts of fun stuff to do. They have a zip-line, plunge, buggy, wall climbing, and more. 

So, being the height freak that I am (afraid of heights and want more height) who would have thought that I would take The Plunge?
For those of you who are clueless of what the plunge is, it's similar to bungee jumping. it's just not that you don't literally jump. They let go of you.
The ravine where they'll make you "fall" is 200 meters deep but the wires and chords where you'll be attached are only 70 meters long so it's seriously safe. 

First step is they ask you to wear a harness and a helmet. I had to tie my hair so it wouldn't get caught in any of the lines. 

Then they brief you on what you're supposed to do and what you shouldn't do. It was pretty long and they really want you to understand ever bit of it since they don't want anything to go wrong.

Then you'll do an Indian sit on the near edge of the folding side of the plank.

They will lower the plank and you'll be hanging near. Still not a freaky part.

"And 3, 2, 1! BOMBS AWAY!"
And you'll go free falling like that. it's gonna give you a mini heart attack since for what might seem like a full minute when you're falling is like there's no more harness, no more chords. All that's left is you and the ground you think you will hit. But don't worry. Before you know it, you're swinging against the air. From the plank to the end of the first swing, it's about 135 degrees and you'll swing back about 90 degrees and back and forth and back and forth until you come to a full stop.

Find me :)

When you've come to a full stop, they'll ask you to catch another chord that will help you get back on the plank. It took me about 3 tries to get the chord. haha.

And They give you a certificate of fear management! Yay me for conquering my fear of heights!

Like their poster says, "ARE YOU WOMAN ENOUGH TO TAKE THE PLUNGE?"

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Hope you liked it! :)

Lira Princess

And in other news, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY Mama and to all the other moms out there! :D

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