Friday, July 20, 2012

Color Blocking All The Way!

I along with 19 other student and two teachers went to Laguna to attend a leadership seminar/ conference. Forgive me for not having any proper look photos because everyone was so busy having fun when we arrived at Manila. 
So here's what I wore.
Photo by Reginald Alfaro

I made it a point to wear long sleeves to keep me warm at the airport, in the plane, the hotel and at the mall.

Photo by Reginald Alfaro

Photo by Bianki Co
My weird eyes. It's my own pair of eyes but I wonder why all the white parts hide whenever I smile. It's still a mystery and it seems odd to me though a lot of people find it unique.

From Reginald Alfaro

From Reginald Alfaro

Long sleeved blouse from mama
Pants: thrifted
Belt: Greenhills Shopping Center
Shoes: Lacoste
Bag: Coach

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