Saturday, August 4, 2012

What Sport?

I ain't got any sport. Today, everyone was like "Lirs, badminton practice isn't supposed to be here at school." or "You look like you're going to play lawn tennis" etc. etc... 
I've never had any sport. I may have tried badminton and swimming once, got a suggestion from my family to try lawn tennis or friends saying I should try gymnastics, nothing ever worked for me. I just wasn't the athletic type. Plus, I always get nervous every time I cross a court where some people are playing, thinking I'd get hit. Anyway. Down to my outfit.

I just wanted to feel super comfortable in my clothes today since my entire morning was scheduled for mass demonstration practice and the afternoon was for the movies. 

The kid inside me was screaming for fun so, playground + comfy attire = fun pictorial!

I took the opportunity to have my look photos taken at our schools playground since nobody was playing there at that time. I rarely get opportunities like this so I really had to grab this one.

This was actually stolen. I wouldn't pose for a camera like this. And look at my lips. Pouting like they always did. Why oh why am I blessed with these lips? :/

Did I really have to stick my tongue out in three photos of this post?

With my cutie patootie best friend who watched a movie with me this afternoon. Brave FTW! :D

Dress/ blouse: Ralph Lauren
Shoes: Lacoste
Accessories: Different souvenir shops
Headband: From a small shop we happened to pass by at Gateway mall in Cubao

Photos by Abigail Llavan (my best friend who has a photo up there with me) and Andrea Adriano (my childhood best friend)

Hope you like it! :)

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