Friday, September 7, 2012

Girly with an Edge

Basically, this combination is a giant leap for me. Girly + edgy = Say what? 
I've never imagined myself in both styles and here all of a sudden, when I ran out of ideas on what to wear and I was running out of time, TADA! My new combo. I tried to play it safe though.

Black belt, studded jacket (you could barely see the studs. Sorry), sporty watch, say EDGE!

This pose, floral pattern, doll shoes, scream GIRLY.

So I absolutely loved Zaira's pose in one of her photos and I just had to tell her. Now I ended up doing the same pose because she wanted me to do so. Here you go Zairanini :D

Dress: Metro Gaisano
Jacket: Thrifted
Belt: Crissa (came with another dress)
Shoes: Solemate
Watch: Ice

Hope you like it! :D


  1. Your 'shocked' pose! Hahaha! Better than mine! Lovely =) -stylishzai :)

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