Friday, November 16, 2012

Cory ng EDSA

Last Tuesday, we went to the City Coliseum (though we always do. But this time, for a different matter) and watched an originally Filipino made musical that won numerous awards entitled Cory ng EDSA (I'm more like advertising/ practicing my script writing skills for news casting instead of blogging). 
No photos of the musical though. It was forbidden to take photos without permission.

It was a very nice show that lasted for almost 3 hours. Waiting for more than 2 hours and paying for 200 pesos (Yes. 200 for an award wining musical :O very cheap) and missing a few classes (we were excused anyway) was totally worth it.

Down to my outfit. I didn't really intend to wear yellow and go with the Aquino color but that's what came out from my head to wear. Something that would prepare me in case the coliseum air-cons will be turned on low and it'd be hot or on full and it'd be seriously cold (Palawenos, it has happened before. The whole place was freakin' cold).   

I added turquoise accessories that I think nicely matched the yellow color palate. 

Now to my setting. Perfect opportunity to do the unusual. Have a black board for a background and these illustration board thingys and take mug shot themed photos. What mug shot? Wacky face? Haha. It didn't turn out right.

Today's Photographer, Bea Elly Tisha Bacolod

It could have been complete if there was a height measuring thingy (say what? Haha. I totally forgot what it's called) but this is not the perfect place to emphasize how petite- okay fine, short- I am. 

Tube from NCCC Dept. Store, Belt from some blouse, Jag Pants, and Thrifted cover up

Ice watch, Solemate flats and the rest are from souvenir shops

A more mug shot-ish photo collage.

Hope you liked it! :)


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