Sunday, November 11, 2012

Say it with Class

I've been so busy lately as stated in my previous post. But, YAY me! I'm able to produce a blog worthy post today! :)

For once in my life, I opt to use a handbag. HANDBAG I repeat. It's really a hassle for me to carry handbags since I like having my hands free and able to do stuff. Plus, I'm not that mature feeling looking so I don't really think it fits me. Well,today's outfit just screams for a matching bag.

Instead of the usual the-neon/bright-item-should-stand-out, I chose o make my white button-up blouse to be the one that stands out. So, all my other pieces appear to be in the same color scheme.

Have you ever noticed that butterfly ring on my pointing finger in all my posts? Yes, it never leaves my finger unless I'm required to do so like COCC afternoons.

Mustache ring from NCCC Dept. Store, DIY bracelets, Louis Bird bag, Tommy Hilfiger

Blouse from mom, mom's DIY skirt, Wedges from Jazz (c) mom

Hope you liked it! :)

Plus today, there's an it's-like-ice-cream-cuz-it-makes-me-smile thingy that I saw on my mail/comments section. Famous Filipino fashion blogger (she's one of those not-so-many bloggers I admire) Alyssa Lapid commented on this blog. Swell isn't it! :D


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