Saturday, November 10, 2012

Doing Things

Dear readers, I'm sorry sorry If I'm starting to lack proper posts, photos and stories for this blog. I'm just so  occupied by my thoughts for serious things I have to prepare for busy, I couldn't do this straight. But keep calm because my old blogger self will hopefully be back soon.

Don't judge me. I know I'm a failure at editing so bear with me please.

Wore these metallic pants again since Father's Day though you can't see it's metallic because of the sepia effect. Wearing this shirt again because I'm young I want to feel comfortable.
Yay me! Advertisement on the loose once again on my blog.
Hopeans, shirts, lanyard, bar pins, stickers and lanterns are still available :D

Channeling my inner Robbie Becroft just because I like how he wears his socks and shoes. 


Seeeeee :) I just couldn't get it right and get a pair of printed socks.

Anyway, made another DIY today. A floral headdress. I've been admiring things like these since forever and finally, heaven sent Denise Heredia made a post on how to make these. Yay her!

Here's how I wore it. I'mma put this picture a bit smaller than the others because even if it's this small, it's clear that I'm haggard like that. 

Pants: Thrifted
Belt: Genevieve Gozum
Shoes: Jazz

Hope you liked it! :)


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