Saturday, February 9, 2013

Insragram Photo Dump - My First

I'm proud to order a Big Mac and had to ig it because this is a very rare scenario in my life. 

Editing photos for my next post

Got too addicted to Pitch Perfect, watched it approx 5 times in one day

Experimental hair style. Glad it worked out.

Unposted outfit

Took photos for a tutorial. View it here!


Accidentally cut my finger. Now Mr. Left Thumb needs to bundle up.

Kryz Uy inspired hairstyle 

Another throwback

Brought all my PHCS shirts to change into for the Fun Run. They're still available

Spot the weirdo doing a happy dance because she finally got her ID

Just another throwback

Fun Run fliers 

A view of a part of our school at 2:30 AM

Would be a nice and quirky packaging

Combat boots

Remember anyone?

Fun Run vanity with Vianca


Accidental shot. I wasn't expecting a hair-flowing-to-the-back-ooking-like-a-photoshoot-shot photo

Chinese New Year

Hope you liked it! :)

Lira Princess

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