Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Milk Tea

I don't know why I'm always reminded of food, especially desserts, lately. And I really don't understand why I keep dressing up in hues similar to food.
Anyway, the shade of my dress really does remind me of the after class drink I'm used to having. Offer me dessert, and all my frugality just slips away like water poured in a strainer.  But, whatevs. I like sweets. End of that story.
So, doesn't it really remind you of milk tea? Huh? Huh? With all that creamy hue and and not black but still pearls on my detachable collar, I.Crave.At.This.Moment.
Okay, so, aren't you wondering how I survived wearing a plain coloured dress without a belt? Because I could name a few who would actually be wondering the moment they see me in this. Well, I chose not to wear a belt since my collar says it all. I'd already overdo it if I wore a belt. It's like stalactites and stalagmites finally meet at the ends and it's not so amusing to look at any more. 

Thrifted dress (Surprise surprise! :D ) Vanity detachable collar, Shoes Unlimited flats

Hope you liked it! :)

Lira Princess

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