Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tribals and More to Come

I can already feel the summer wave splashing on me and even though the sun has already set and everything while I'm typing this, the air still feels like someone left the oven turned on and open and all its temperature has dominated the air. So if some people have noticed that I'm always wearing a bun, maybe the change's reason has come clearer to you now.

Plus, the temperature at school seems like it sky-rocketed since the landlords of the lot behind our school decided to murder a lot of trees in the area. Now there are less of the oxygen producing creatures that give us the luxury of fresh air.
Okay. So down to my outfit. I've seen a lot of people wear the trend of sleeveless-ness, floral, summery etc. etc. since the temperature shoot up. And for once in a million trends, I was biting into this one. Not because I cannot stick to what "not in trend" I've got in mind but because it's the next best thing to indulging your self in a very unhealthy serving of your favourite cold treat in this very brain melting situation. 
"WHY BLUE?", my best friend asked and I bet a number of you did too. Well, if it isn't very clear in the photos, lemme point out that the least popping colour in the dress is blue which was the colour I chose to highlight in order to not overdo things and stuck to a bit of silver and closed shoes to maintain composure despite the inevitable feeling of too casual.

Now, next mind boggling question to some, "How does a girl from the sunny island with a full wardrobe of summery clothes manage to give the big city a corporate look?" (translation: How do you do a summer to smart casual get up?)  
My answer has always been a cardigan, blazer or a very more than decent cover up of some sorts, the right accessories and poof! There became smart casual!

I bet you want me to eat my own words but I chose to keep my accessories more of in a casual field for the night because I still wanted a balance of a laid back feeling while I get myself dressed for a dinner out. 
Here I am doing that "hold your bun" pose again. I'm enjoying the feeling of wearing an overly messy bun and not caring at all. I used to care way too much if my hair was combed out really neatly before I made a bun. I currently find it such a hassle.

Sun Kissed dress, Genevieve Gozum blue belt, SM Accessories brown belt, Sole Mate loafers, Grendha sling backs, and randomly found accessories

And before I end this post, I would like to show you some faces of people who became a big part of the first leg of my 2013. To me, they never got stuck in the bracket of party-mates. They made their way into that place in my heart called "Not so biological but I wouldn't mind if they were, Family".
God truly gave me an earthquake others would treat as a punishment from above. I looked at it as a life changing phenomenon that shook the walls that blocked my eyes out of existence. 

Post election faces. 03-15-13. A little past 4:30 or 5:00 in the afternoon
(Left to right) Ria Casimiro, Debby (I'm sorry I never get to spell your nickname right even after a whole school year of being classmates) Gadia, Rizzia Camins, Jom Galang, moi, Bianca Pe, Stan Go, Nats Galang
(Squatting cute girls) Hannah Alfaro, Aby Marcaida

To these people I've named and to Keisha and Marc who didn't make it to the impromptu pictorial I was desperate to have (plus the gazillion unnamed people who never left [you all know who you are]),
I know you might not be able to read this but, whatevsss.
Thanks a lot for the wonderful experience. I might not have snagged that title I wanted, God made me realize that He already gave me a better label. If you're curious, ask me personally ;)
I love you all to the moon and back!

"You will be put on the edge of difficulty. If you fall, God will do two things: Either He'll catch you, or He'll teach you how to fly"

Lira Princess

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