Thursday, March 21, 2013

Brown and White and, is this Pink?

I seriously adore people who tease me with the famous Facebook line of mine, "New post is up!". Though it was half meant to irritate me, it actually tells me that people actually READ my posts even if they limit it on my Facebook posts. 
I double adore people who actually checks my title and makes up their own title for me every time we'd be asked to wear a civilian attire or if I ever cross paths with a reader friend.
I triple, or maybe quadruple (or whatever rate you want above 2 and less than infinity) adore people who could actually copy my format of writing. It's as if they've gone through my mind and made it a point to analyse how I construct my sentences.
And I adore x10 to the power of a drunk 8 the people who could memorize my titles, notice my brands and how often a single brand appears, tambay at my blog, and the list goes on.

So, add up and tell me how much I adore you. Lol.
(My face looks round. Like, not proportionate with the other parts of my body type of round. And my leg looks like it's going to fold in the opposite direction.)
In this case, one of my brothers from another mother made this title and I guess it kind of stuck, or I'm an idea dried up mole.
 So I have told you, I'm out of creativity so I'm just going to edit this post when I can and if I ever find the right words for this post. In the meantime, go get yourself busy computing how much I adore you.
Doing that pose again. Mehehehehe.
 Folded and Hung top, Reborn pants, Lacoste shoes
Anddddd, check out today's arm party! Zipper bracelets made by the one and only Bianca Sylina Pe. I seriously loved these thingies, if I ever own a fashion line or boutique or whatever, I'd consider these to be one of my items and name it Sylina (and it would be sold out in minutes. Hahaha. What a dreamer I could get). Anyway, thanks again Bianca :)

Hope you liked it! :)

Lira Princess

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