Sunday, April 7, 2013

Look Who's Back!

Aaaaaand I'm back in the blog sphere after a little more than half a month. I sure did miss blogging. And isn't it nice to have a comeback and a new layout at the same time? A friend has been nagging me to make a new layout since forevs but I never get to do so. But the wait is over!
Usually, summer is the least busy season for students like me, but when you're entering senior year, you'll have to prepare yourself for the numerous university/college entrance exams from schools you wish to study in. And even though I leave the house 3 days a week, I never get to blogger dress-up because of the early scheds. 
I've worn this outfit a few weeks back when my family and I watched The Croods (cool movie ei?). 
And I just wanna share a weird encounter that night. Upon exiting the theatre, approximately 6 meters away from where I was standing, a girl was staring at me wearing burgundy pants (not rolled up), navy blue blouse and what I think is a gold belt. After a few seconds, she walked away. Talk about woaaaah.
So, yeah. These photos were taken at half past 11 pm that night, and yes, in my very messy room. Check out that resourcefulness on a quick shoot for my blog.
Sari-sari top, BNY pants, SM Accessories belt, Shoes Unlimited flats 

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What can you say about my new layout?
Hope you liked it! :)

Lira Princess

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