Friday, March 8, 2013

Ready for Combat

NOT. I'm really not that type of girl who would be ready to fight against evil forces any time. So don't expect me to go all out with guns and ammo and stuff when war breaks out. Friends would know.
So, I decided my Thursday after class activity best friend would suit my all laced up dress to equalize the sweetness. I know this combo is not something to expect from me, but if you really know me to the marrow of my bones, you'd know I have a crazy ass imagination and freakishly weird gut for fashion.

I used black to ease the tides out in this outfit, over accessorized my right hand and stuck with silvers for other stuff. I was trying out the grungy effect. I hope I pulled it off somehow.
I really have no idea why I kept posing for the camera in these weird positions that I already froze like your freaky childhood horror character. The eyes popping, fingers falling doll ( I seriously don't know her name).
Closet Collection dress, Hicock belt, No brand boots
Before this post ends, I give you two photos to break the ice of robot-ness and monotony.
Hope you liked it! :)

Lira Princess

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