Monday, April 29, 2013

Just So You Won't Get Lost

Before I post more outfit shots and destination pictures of my summer trip, let me show you my route first just so either me, or you won't get lost in my sea of  happiness.
We boarded this plane from Palawan to Iloilo

Then from Iloilo, took the route that would pass by Antique (read: An-tee-ke) then went straight to Caticlan
(You guys should have seen the GPS. The road was curved in all place like crazy. Some even formed a slightly unfinished circle)
From Caticlan, rode a boat to Boracay

From Boracay, was picked up from the pier and went straight to Kalibo
(Watch out for this place in my next posts)
And then rode a plane to Cebu then on the same day rode a ship to Bohol
Where I just can't contain my excitement on sharing to you that I, an overly scared of heights girl, TOOK THE PLUNGE! Yay me!
Then once again rode a ship to Cebu then a plane ride back to Palawan

So don't get lost in the adventure in my next posts!

Lira Princess

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