Monday, April 29, 2013

Ombre and Peeking

So, hi again readers after an 11 day blogging hiatus! Sorry 'bout that but seriously, not every corner of the world has Wifi even if you have a mobile Wifi with you.
A day at the beach, by the shore would be nice, and dipping in to the water would be so refreshing. Though I have other things in mind. 
During summer time, the beach is crowded and I don't like crowded places. Plus, I don't like dipping in the pool or the sea water. The pool dries my skin which I totally hate, and the sand from the sea sticks all over my body which totally irritates me. I'm, not sort of, but really weird.
This is what I wore when we roamed around the stations of Boracay. Could you believe I forgot to put on sun block (or I was too lazy), but I didn't gain a dark complexion? Cool right? And I'm simply so happy about it.
Anyway, there are no pictures here where I remove the ombre top I DIYed. I just can't find a picture of me without it or even properly crop one. I have one, and only one on IG that's linked to my FB.
Watch out for photos of my 10 day summer escapade!
DIY top, Sassa upper and lower piece, Ipanema slippers

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Hope you liked it! :)

Lira Princess

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