Thursday, April 18, 2013


The suspenders, long ago, has not always been a woman's accessory. It's widely known as a tool to keep a man's pants up or just to indicate a person's supremacy or something. 
But now, tides have changed and men's accessories are no longer theirs alone (Even women's accessories have been dominated. Somehow....). As long as you know how to wear it, go ahead. Walk the streets in it! 
I bought these suspenders a few months ago and I could not really figure out if I'm going to wear it or not. I feel like it's not really fitting for me to wear one. But today is different. I wore these suspenders out for a spin  upon the request of a reader/ friend. So, here you go missy. I hope I satisfy you, and also all my readers, with my first look wearing suspenders.
Male Box suspenders, Jag top, BNY pants, Keds shoes, random accessories 

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Hope you liked it! :)

Lira Princess

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