Tuesday, April 16, 2013


What is kurbata
When English is your medium since crawling out of the womb and watching shows in the same language until you fall asleep, you'll be having a hard time figuring it out. 
Well, kurbata is neck tie and kurbada is a different story. Some people (even my ears sometimes) get confused. 
So, was has this kurbata got to do with my outfit. Uhmm, nothing actually. I'm just really stressing out that there's Filipino math problems in UPCAT. (What???) Yes. And ugh. I couldn't even translate it. Why brain? Why? 
Anyway, the last time I wore this neck tie was on our second year high-school Christmas party. And since then, it's been hanging around my room, getting noticed but never worn. So, the day I wore it again, I bet it wanted a comeback party.
I wore this flowy blouse on a hot day (Wait, no. Everyday is a hot day) and gave myself a portable aircon. It feels so cool and the material is so light, plus the good thing about its structure is that it doesn't fly up. (This is not a sponsored post okay :) ) 
Folded and Hung top, BNY pants, SM Accessories neck tie, Lacoste shoes 

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Hope you liked it! :) 

Lira Princess

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