Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Comfort Zone

NOT! If you've been my reader for more than a year now, you'd now this ensemble isn't for me to own. It's not really my thing to wear a vest or ankle high foot covers. I'm not really into sleeveless things either. But due to the fact that some things of mine aren't getting worn a lot these days, I made a choice of re-wearing these long forgotten pieces once again. 

This combination has been running through my brain two days ago and for some reason, I don't understand why. I've been constantly waiting for the day I'd have a little gut to wear it out and I did after two fast days. Where did that come from? I really can't answer that.

First of all, I chose my jeans. I preferred to use soft tones for my base to not overdo things. Then my inner blouse was n the same colour scheme as my pants. Then I chose a black belt and dark plus a few hints of bright to my bracelets to match the edginess of the vest and sandals I wanted to wear.

I layered necklaces and arm candies to achieve the added edge to this look. Neck pieces in different lengths is totally something to go for if you want to play up a plain coloured blouse but not make it feel too heavy that you'd feel like you just won multiple medals from the Olympics. Rather, accessorizing shouldn't even be that heavy.

Try to go through old pieces in your closet and you just mind find some stuff that you didn't use to like and that it might just strike your fancy now! You never know what treasures you've been keeping in that wooden prison of clothes for years now. 

Baleno blouse, Moschino vest, Penshoppe pants, Your Feet Look Gorgeous ankle high sandals, Ice watch, assorted accessories

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Hope you liked it! :)

Lira Princess


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