Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dark Prints and Bright Colors

Major announcement guys! I'm (temporarily) getting fatter! But whatevs. I'm getting fatter, and I'm happy about it. 
If you're wondering why I'm happy about it, for 10 months in a year. I'm one skinny person due to lack of sleep, and not exactly food, but the strength and energy to eat and I'm usually insulted for it.So when there's not much to worry about when summer kicks in, the stick (yeah, just a stick not a twig) suddenly becomes 3 sticks thick. 

Now, how do I know? No need for weighing scales that wouldn't actually help cause it's just the mass that adds up  and measuring tapes. Some clothes that used to fit me perfectly, or I could just slip on so easily couldn't fit me any more or are a bit tighter than usual, it takes time to wear them.
So, yeah. This supposedly-dress turned blouse would have fit me as a dress if I didn't gain any carbs in my system. I grew that big that if I forcedly wore it as a dress, it tear the whole thing apart.

I took colours from the print of this "blouse" and piled everything on. Red, green, brown, black. They're all from the print of my "blouse".

Blouse from a bazaar, BNY pants, Penshoppe bag, Ice watch

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Hope you liked it! :)
Lira Princess

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