Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bright Like Daylight

Oh hi folks! Say hello to my new haircut and bye-bye to my curls (which are still quite evident for a few centimetres in some parts of my hair). I decided to chop of a long portion of  my hair since I seriously am having a hard time untangling all the fuss behind my nape which isn't really evident to everyone unless I whip my hair back and forth (admit it. You remembered Willow Smith's song) sslloowwllyy.

[My ear is saying hi :)]
Whether you've noticed it or not, I'll just be pointing out as usual. If you follow me on Instagram and see my OOTDs, you'll notice that I've been wearing pants most of the time though it's still summer. Well, I have some personal reasons and they're not for the world to find out. What I'm trying to tell you is how to wear pants in summer without having to irritate your legs the whole time.

Wear pants that aren't skinny (Well, speak for yourself missy). These floral pants that you've just recently seen (I don't blog everything I wear) aren't really skinny. They're not embracing my legs so they're slightly giving you an aircon type of clothes feeling. Better yet, choose other cuts of jeans like boot leg or straight cut or whatever other cut you prefer. 

Wear something comfortable for your top. Sleeveless tops work their magic during the summer so make sure  to make use of this. I once again wore this DIY top that I wore a month ago as a cover up. If you don't like the sleeveless idea, wear clothes made of cotton. It helps a lot too.

DIY top, Denim Co. pants, Jazz wedges, Ice watch

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Hope you liked it! :) 

Lira Princess

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