Thursday, May 2, 2013

Where Everyday is Christmas

WARNING, this is going to be a slightly longer post than usual. But I encourage you to read until the end of this post because the ending is my favourite and I bet it'll be yours too.

Does the face on the left look familiar? Well, if you haven't owned a notebook with this a similar face on the cover, I'm sure a seat-mate already had one or they're on display at the local school supplies shop.
If you remember them but can't wrap your pinky finger around the subject, it's a Precious Moments character. I didn't remember either until I saw a signboard. 

This place is called the Sampaguita Gardens. It's located at New Washington in Aklan, a few kilometres away from the Kalibo airport.
The whole resort is filled with Precious Moments characters at every corner. Are you wondering why? I wondered too. We asked the sales lady at  a shop (you'll see the shop at the near bottom of this post) and found out that the owner of Precious Moments brand owns this place.
There's a lot to see in this resort, there's a gym, a spa, two pools, a resto, a museum, a doll house, a church,  and these rides (carousel at the top, and train at the bottom. they're not functioning though) and lots more.

And on the way to the owners house turned museum for most of the year, we passed by these bronze horses. They're legit bronze and seriously expensive. There's even one dangling design that's missing. Where could've that piece gone.
So this is moi, brother and dad with our Kalibo host and her cutie bunso. The house is composed of two floors with almost every square foot of it has a display from a different country. The owner sure has been travelling a lot.

This is a 360 year old bed he got from an Asian country. I couldn't remember where. 

Then next is Sir Sam's. A formerly functioning restaurant. Now, it's only set, cleaned, and maintained for the eyes of the visitors.
I forgot to mention that my title is the slogan of this place. And they seriously live up to it.

Aaaaaaaaand next up is my favourite part of the whole resort! 

Jojo's Christmas Cottage! Or what most of them call The Doll House. This house is composed of four floors but only three of them are floors you'd gladly visit. Don't ask me why we never went to the fourth floor.

This is the first floor of the cottage where the souvenirs are sold. It's not obvious in this photo but below this decoration is where the cashier is found.

They also have these Aquino dolls. The Kris Aquino doll is the whitest in the family.

The dolls come in different other themes. Like the ones above, beach ready yo! Some are Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts of the Philippines, fairies, dressed in different occupations and so much more.

The stairs going to the second floor. I can't tell which of the photos belong to which floor. What I'm sure is, everything is just so Christmas-y and it all seems so dreamy.

They even have two walls full of frames where "Merry Christmas" is translated in all the main languages of every country  in the world.

There's also another wall for the different Christmas traditions of different countries.

And my favourite part if you sum up the second and third floor is their mini Christmas village. The table where it's set is approx 4 meters squared big. 

This is the whole cottage. More like a mansion if you ask me. 

You should also check out this bake-shop which is also located inside the doll house. They sell the best biscocho I have ever tasted. 

A totally nice place you should visit when you go to Aklan. Bring friends and family and I'm sure you'll enjoy the place with them.

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Hope you liked it! :) 

Lira Princess

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